SA-100 Fiber Optic Gyro


The SA-100 FOG is a compact FOG for navigation and beam pointing stabilization applications. The SA-100 has a high update rate for closed loop beam pointing control, low angle random walk (ARW) to mitigate the effects of platform jitter, and low bias drift to enable accurate pointing during platform slew maneuvers.

The SA-100 is intended primarily for optical beam pointing stabilization in free space optical, directed energy weapon, laser designator, and optical seeker applications. It makes use of very short fiber optic coils coupled with advanced analog and digital electronics, and digital signal processing to achieve update rates greater than 10 kHz, an ARW better than 0.015°/√hr, and a bias drift of less than 0.1°/hr. Moreover, the SA-100 comes in a compact package that can be easily integrated into navigation and beamsteering systems.


DownloadDownload the SA-100 datasheet to learn more.