SA-200 Precision Miniature FOG

The SA-200 Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) is a high precision miniature FOG for demanding navigation and sensor pointing under conditions where external aiding signals may not be available. The key features of the SA-200 are the miniature size, separate axes packaged for challenging integration, high update rate for closed loop pointing and tracking, low angle random walk (ARW) to mitigate the effect of platform jitter, and low bias drift to enable accurate pointing during platform motion.

The SA-200’s ability to locate the gyro axis on rigid optical or physical structures and our temperature stabilized laser sensing provide superior response for unaided navigation, spatial imaging, laser designation and for optical seeker targeting. These units use very short fiber optic coils coupled with advanced analog and digital electronics and signal processing that achieves update rates greater than 5 kHz, ARW better than 0.005 °/√hr and bias drift of less than 0.01 °/hr. The SA-200 offers a standalone configuration with 1-3 separate axes (axis-1 includes system electronics and optics) or as an optional integrated single package.


DownloadDownload the SA-200 datasheet to learn more.