Free Space Optical Communications

NEXUS is a high data rate free space optical (FSO) communications system with significant advantages over RF-based communications systems, including:

  • Jam Resistant – Immune to RF jamming and interference
  • Secure & Stealth – High directionality limit ability to detect and intercept
  • Supports data rates that are orders of magnitude greater than RF links
  • Low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)
  • Operable in spectrum constrained environments
  • Supports long distance links

NEXUS is available in two configurations: one for fixed platforms and one for one-the-move platforms, such as small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and Humvees. NEXUS’s on-the-move configuration uses SA Photonics’ BeamDirector technology to enable full hemispherical beam steering.

NEXUS insures robust and reliable operation throughout atmospheric turbulence and scintillation by using innovative techniques, including adaptive code rate forward error correction, physical layer retransmission, high bandwidth tip-tilt optical tracking, and autonomous acquisition and rapid re-acquisition. As a result of these techniques, SA Photonics was able to create a simple and compact, yet powerful system without the complexity and cost associated with adaptive optics solutions.


DownloadDownload the NEXUS datasheet to learn more.