Space Qualified Fiber Optic Switch

The COmpact Scalable Matrix Optical Switch (COSMOS) is the first ruggedized all optical switch designed for space applications.

A key factor for success on today’s battlefields is the ability to transmit and receive large amounts of data in real-time. To this end, the United States military has employed all optical switches that increase data bandwidth for military communications by eliminating the data bottleneck at the optical-to-electrical-to-optical (OEO) point. However, no optical switch had been made that can operate on a satellite, despite the critical role satellites play in military communications.

COSMOS was built with an OTS solid state switching mechanism that offers significant advantages over 3D MEMS systems, including:

  • Low insertion loss drift over years of operation
  • Latching
  • Low power
  • Simple operation

From input to output, COSMOS’ switch speed and insertion loss are 15 msec and 1 dB respectively. COSMOS also maintains reliability with minimal size, weight and power (SWaP) operation. All of its components are radiation hardened.


DownloadDownload the COSMOS datasheet to learn more.