SATS Microwave Sensor

The Situational Awareness Threat Sensor (SATS) detects and characterizes previously undetectable high power microwave attacks.

SATS consists of a passive sensor probe and powerful processing unit connected by fiber optic cable. The sensor probe detects incoming high-energy signals and sends them to the processing unit, which quickly determines their threat energy threshold crossing levels, pulse width, frequency and other pulse characteristics. Because it contains almost no metal, the sensor probe can capture high power microwave signals without introducing any field distortion. It also has a very high damage threshold.

SATS can significantly reduce the risk of high power microwave attacks on electronics systems such as global positioning systems, navigation systems, weapons systems, control systems, and critical ground installations. SATS is also a great option for instrumenting high power microwave test ranges.



DownloadDownload the SATS datasheet to learn more.