Millimeter Wave Measurement System

SA Photonics has developed the Millimeter Wave Measurement System (MWMS), a high power millimeter wave measurement and calibration tool. MWMS has a field strength accuracy of better than 0.5 dB and a frequency accuracy of better than 0.2 GHz, and provides precise power density and frequency measurements of millimeter wave fields over a wide range of field strengths and frequencies.

MWMS consists of a passive photonic probe connected via ruggedized fiber optic cable to a remote electronic processing unit. A single probe can support a frequency range of 40 GHz to 110 GHz; additional probes can be added to extend the frequency coverage to 220 GHz. The probes have very small, 1 cm² metallic apertures which mitigates any distortion caused by incoming millimeter wave fields and enables high damage thresholds.

MWMS supports two modes of operation: a scan mode that automatically detects the frequency of incoming signals and a manual fixed frequency mode. Easy configuration of these modes is managed by using the touchscreen panel on the front of the MWMS processing unit.



DownloadDownload the MWMS datasheet to learn more.