Wide Field of View Digital Night Vision


SA Photonics has developed the High Resolution Night Vision System (HRNVS), a wide field of view digital night vision head mounted display. This system will dramatically increase the situational awareness of pilots in both military and commercial aviation and provides the following advantages:

  • Very Little Peripheral Obscuration
  • Minimal Hyperstereopsis
  • Low Weight, “Ejection-Safe” CG
  • Digital Overlay for Any Aircraft
  • Digital Night Vision Image Processing
  • Recording of Night Vision Imagery
  • Easy Viewability of HUD Imagery

The HRNVS has a field of view greater than 80 degrees, and can be stowed so that there is no obscuration of the pilot’s visual field. In both the deployed and stowed position, the center of gravity and peripheral obscuration of the HRNVS are significantly improved when compared with the ANVIS and PNVG systems.



DownloadDownload the HRNVS datasheet to learn more.