Wideband, spatially coherent supercontinuum lasers at unprecedented power outputs powering various imaging products, including airborne lidar and hyperspectral imaging.

Advanced Fiber Lasers

SA Photonics designs, produces and manufactures advanced fiber laser sources. Our Flash™ Supercontinuum Laser Source provides wideband spatially coherent emission covering the wavelength band from 0.6 – 2.1 μm with an unprecedented 60 W continuous output power, and forms the foundation of our imaging products. Additionally, we design high power 3 μm fiber-based laser systems. With excellent near-diffraction limited beam quality, robustness and efficiency, these systems support a very wide range of pulse modulation parameters. Uses include high pulse energy, peak power and average power sources in a wide range of mid-wave infrared wavelengths currently unavailable by other fiber gain media.

Lidar and Imaging

Additionally, Flash™ powers several SA Photonics systems, including our lidar and hyperspectral imaging platforms. These technologies produce advanced imagery, precision lidar tracking of targets, as well as imaging capabilities that combine active, broadband illumination with hyperspectral imaging to overcome solar illumination limitations. These systems are designed for both airborne and underwater platforms, with applications in terrestrial and maritime environments.

FlashTM 60 W Supercontinuum Laser

Please contact us for details on our laser and lidar capabilities, and to discuss a solution for your application.