Underwater Lidar Imaging System

MILOS is an underwater LIDAR imaging system for airborne and underwater platforms developed by SA Photonics. MILOS is operable in deep water and turbid coastal water where SONAR has limitations.

Unlike traditional underwater LIDAR systems, which suffer from low frequency backscatter that hide actual return signals, MILOS uses an RF modulated laser source to provide significant backscatter rejection, resulting in better target imagery. In addition, MILOS can precisely measure target textures.

MILOS consists of five primary sub-systems: a flexible, modulated light source supporting peak powers in excess of 5 kW; an RF coherent receiver with direct digital capture to provide highly accurate phase measurements; a wide bandwidth, high sensitivity intensified photo diode; an 8 kV, 500 kHz switching high voltage power supply; and an integrated graphical user interface to control all functionality.

Category Parameter Value
Pulse Generator Pulse Carrier Frequency 0.5 – 2 GHz
Pulse Width 10 – 120 nsec
Coded Waveform Support Yes (arbitrary waveform)
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) 50 – 500 kHz
Receiver Amplitude Accuracy <0.2 dB
Phase Accuracy <0.5 degrees
Time-of-Flight Accuracy <200 psec
Memory Depth 512 MB
Maximum number of Rx gates 1,048,576
Optical Wavelength 532 nm
Peak Power 15 kW
Average Power >5 W
Amplitude Stability 5%
Timing Stability 20 psec pulse-to-pulse
Average Power Stability <2%
Pulse Droop <10%
Output Beam Diameter <3 mm