Ship-based Guidance Landing System

SA Photonics’ Multiple Optical Beam Landing System (MOBLS™) utilizes free space optical (FSO) communication links to provide continuous, high integrity data communications and navigation-quality range and bearing data for a fixed wing aircraft during landing approach to an aircraft carrier. Based entirely on optical signals, MOBLS™ delivers autonomous landing operation in RF- and GPS-denied environments.

Based on SA Photonics’ field-proven FSO closed-loop tracking and signal processing techniques that provide robust and reliable communication through a wide variety of atmospheric conditions, MOBLS™ operates in all conditions including bright sunlight and dense fog, with link distances up to 10 km. MOBLS™ utilizes multiple redundant measurement techniques to insure the fidelity of the provided relative navigation solution.

Parameter Value
Acquisition Link Distance 1-10 km
Acquisition Link Distance 2 km to touchdown
Acquisition Link Distance 100 Mbps