Free Space Optical System

SA Photonics’ SkyLight™ is a fully integrated free space optical (FSO) system designed for cubesat and small-sat crosslink and downlink applications. SkyLight™ includes all data processing, optical transmitters and receivers, and integrated beam steering capability to provide ±50° two-axis beam steering capability in a 1U form-factor.

SkyLight’s wide field-of-regard beam steering is coupled with a high bandwidth fine steering capability to accurately track platform vibration, avoiding the need to body-steer a satellite to communicate. This feature allows mission critical functions to occur simultaneously with data transmission.

SkyLight™ utilizes SA Photonics’ patented optics design that is almost entirely fiber-optic based, and is inherently robust to shock and vibration. The high-bandwidth, field-proven closed-loop beam tracking system in SkyLight™ has better than 10 microradian accuracy, thereby supporting long distance crosslinks and minimizing link loss due to pointing errors. The long link distance and high data rate provided in the small package of SkyLight™ make it an excellent system for satellite crosslink and downlink applications.

Parameter Value
Link Distance 1,000 km
Beam steering ±50°
Data Rate <125 Mbps
Transmit Optical Power 1 W
Operating Temperature -25°C to 45°C
Size 1 U, 1 kg
Active Power Consumption <20 W
Stand-by Power Consumption <0.5 W