Free Space Optical System

SA Photonics’ StabiLight™ is a free space optical (FSO) system designed for exfiltration of data from ocean surface transceivers, or sonobuoys. Utilizing our patened optics design, StabiLight™ consists of an ultra-compact optical head supported by a three-axis stabilized gimbal, allowing operation in sea state 5 conditions. While designed for sonobuoy applications, the small size and internal stabilization make StabiLight™ an excellent solution for other mobile platforms including small surface vessels, buoys, ground vehicles, rotorcraft, and small UAVs.

The StabiLight™ system is low power and low cost, meeting the needs of single-use sonobuoys and other applications. Average power consumption of the FSO terminal is less than 150 mW, enabling extended mission durations and increased mission effectiveness. StabiLight™ utilizes SA Photonics’ field-proven FSO closed-loop tracking and signal processing techniques that provide robust and reliable communication through a wide variety of atmospheric conditions.

Parameter Value
Link Distance <40 nmi
Data Rate 125 Mbps
Size Optical Head: 1.25″ ⌀ ´ 3.25″
Total: 3.5″ ´ 3.5″ ´ 4.0″
Acquisition Time ~1 sec
Wavelength 1500 nm
Beam Steering Range ± 340° in Azimuth
± 120° in Elevation
Power Consumption 10 W active
<100 mW standby
Mass <250 g