Advanced fiber optic signal detection, classification and threat warning across the RF spectrum.

SA Photonics designs and produces a series of optical sensors for military and commercial applications. Our technologies include proprietary compressive sensing that enables a large proportion of the RF spectrum to be sensed instantaneously. The fiber optic-based systems provide an extremely wide instantaneous frequency bandwidth making them suitable for current, new and emerging wideband and ultra-wideband systems.

These technologies enable WATS™, our affordable and compact high power radio frequency / high power microwave (HPRF/HPM) attack warning technology that detects, characterizes and precisely geo-locates HPRF threats while being fully immune to HPRFs. Additional threat warning receiver systems deliver RF signal detection and classification, while our optical RF memory capability overcomes the limitations of traditional digital systems to provide advanced electronic attack defense capabilities.

WATSTM Wideband Agile Threat Sensor

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