Electronic Protection

SA Photonics’ Optical RF Memory (ORFM) is a new electronic attack RF memory capability that overcomes the limitations of traditional digital systems. ORFM™ provides an extremely wide instantaneous frequency bandwidth making it suitable for current, new and emerging wideband and ultra-wideband radar systems. The high spurfree dynamic range of the system eliminates spectral impurities, and the all-analog nature of the system avoids potential digital artifacts present in traditional digital RF memory systems.

ORFM™ has a large delay range, with granularity in the order of nanoseconds and maximum delays up to 0.5 msec. Additionally, ORFM™ supports enhanced electronic countermeasure jamming waveform generation techniques and includes the ability to support multiple false targets. ORFM™ is a fully integrated fiber optic based system, and has low size, weight, power and cost.

Parameter Value
Frequency Range 100 MHz – 20 GHz
Instantaneous Frequency Bandwidth 20 GHz
Spur Free Dynamic Range >60 dBc
Maximum Delay 524 μsec
Delay Increment Step 32 nsec
Size 17.0″ x 6.38″ x 4.70″
Power <40 W
Supply Voltage 27 ± 4.0 VDC