At SA Photonics we are proud of our active, collaborative and energetic company culture. We work hard to provide the ability for all to work happy. Every employee’s voice counts in our open and collaborative offices and labs, where we encourage a casual, agile, flexible and fast-paced atmosphere.

Our team truly functions in an intellectual playground, where we foster a breeding ground for creativity and curiosity. The primary benefit of our historically foundational funding source being federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts is the original and innovative nature of our technology development—not just being on the forefront of emerging tech, but defining the bleeding edge. We get to pitch, propose, design and build truly unique scientific and engineering solutions to exciting problems, allowing all our teams to work in a truly motivating environment.

We strongly promote a healthy work-life balance among staff, with a focus on strengthening our community and active well-being for ourselves. Annual charity events include our Back‐to‐School Drive Backpack Build, Girls on the Run youth development sponsorship, a blood drive, our Bike Build Challenge for Unity Care, a holiday food drive and our Holiday Wish Drive through the Family Giving Tree. Likewise, in order to help keep ourselves healthy and driven, daily noontime group runs along the Los Gatos Creek Trail start out our back door, while others head to the hills on road bikes for a lunch break spin.

I really enjoy SA Photonics. I think the work environment is excellent and is very collegial. I like the corporate culture and believe management has done an excellent job in creating the environment.

I enjoy working at SA Photonics and believe we have untapped potential!

I really enjoy all of the community charity events that SA Photonics is involved in! Great job!!